Toddler Community

The toddler program is an opportunity for young children between the ages of fifteen months and three years of age to experience being within a small group to explore and to act upon their natural curiosity.


The toddler ‘prepared environment’ conforms to the physical needs of the children, allowing for opportunities in motor and language development as well as the use of practical life material. The classroom is designed with success in mind; child-size furnishings, materials at eye level, and a calm, organized environment encourages independence and fosters toddlers’ natural desire to do things by themselves and for themselves.

The Montessori materials develop sensory awareness that help children learn to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell what they experience with deeper appreciation. Whether it is a lesson in the dressing frames (which teaches a child how to button and snap), hand washing, cloth scrubbing or caring for plants, children learn to care for themselves and for their environment.

Toilet learning is a large part of our toddler program.  The Montessori approach is a gentle one, where the teacher observes the child for signs of readiness, and responds accordingly by preparing the environment to facilitate independent toilet use that is appropriate to the child’s unique and individual capabilities. Parents are asked to partner with the school by offering the children the same routine and consistency at home.

Our toddler program is an excellent preparation for the Primary level. The children learn the expectations of the Montessori environment and fine-tune their concentration, coordination, language skills, and ability to work within a community of their peers.

Children at this age may experience separation anxiety, so our staff works hard to comfort each child and carefully develop a foundation of security and confidence in them.  To allow for a positive transition in separating from the parents and acclimating to their new environment, our school provides a “phase-in” schedule at the beginning of the school year.  The “phase-in” schedule varies according to the needs of each individual child.

TODDLER COMMUNITY (Ages 15 months – 3 years)
Monday through Friday

  • Toddler Half Day Program 8:30 – 11:30 am
    This program allows Toddler-age children to experience an authentic Montessori environment that nurtures their individual needs while fostering their natural curiosity and need for exploration. Early language skills are developed and independence in the bathroom is encouraged.
  • Toddler Extended Day Program 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
    This program is for the young child who needs an environment that will provide not only the morning session and lunch, but an afternoon session as well. The children in this program have a period of rest that immediately follows lunch. When the rest period is over, the children continue to explore in their warm, nurturing environment.
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