Thank you so much for inquiring about our school. Since 1968 Mastro Montessori Academy has been committed to an education that fosters independence, initiative and a lifelong love of learning. Our mission is to create a community for children that cultivates courtesy, acceptance, caring and compassion. Current research and experts around the world continually demonstrate that a Montessori education provides the very best way for children to learn. Whether you are new to Montessori or not, we are so happy that you are interested in learning more about our school.

Children always seek to explore and understand the world around them. This instinctive desire to learn and create is at the core of a Montessori education. Based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, one of the world’s most respected educators, the goal of a child’s education should not be merely acquiring facts but rather learning through experiences in their environment. In this carefully developed ‘prepared’ environment (the Montessori classroom), children are drawn to explore and understand their world using a designed set of materials and with the guidance of AMI-trained teachers. This experience helps them grow into independent, self-directed learners.

As the first Montessori school in Monmouth County and the only school in the area to be certified by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), we are committed to maintaining a genuine Montessori experience for children to become lifelong learners.

We welcome you to visit our school and observe first-hand why we think a Montessori education provides the best environment for a child to learn. For more information about our school or the Montessori philosophy, please contact us.

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