Back-to-School Breakfast, Cocktail Party, International Day, Mom’s Night Out, Holiday Open House, Holiday Production, Grandparents Day, Beach Clean-ups, End-of-Year Moving-Up Ceremony…Mastro Montessori has a wealth of traditions and events that bring our community of families, teachers, and alumni together.

Our annual opera is the cultural highlight of the school year. Performed by our kindergarten and elementary children, it is a joyous celebration not only for the cast but also for our entire community of students, families and staff.

Mastro Montessori also hosts numerous Parent Education workshops throughout the school year and parents are invited to observe their child learn in the classroom. For over 45 years, our mission has been to create an environment for children that cultivates courtesy, acceptance, caring and compassion. It is these traditions that connect the Mastro community of families, staff and alumni —past and present.

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